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Betsy Williams
Oil Paintings/Drawings;Stylized and Magical Realism.
Artwork inspired by enchanting qualities in nature.

Artist Statement


    "Nature is a temple in which living columns sometimes emit confused words. Man approaches it through forests of symbols which observe him with familiar glances." - Charles Baudelaire. 

     Nature is the source of inspiration for my art. It is an unlimited playground where I become absorbed in translating what emerges out of natural forms.There is a thrill in looking deeper, to discover what lies beneath the surface.Im fulfilled by its simplicity, though its complexity is an endless source from which I can draw from. Painting and drawing is a way I connect with the natural world, but also with myself.... using these impressions as a spring-board for self-reflection.

    When I begin a piece, I start with a traditional approach.... putting in the big shapes, using perspective,applying many layers until I have a certain resemblance to the subject. But then ,through the process of layering , unexpected forms begin to emerge from under the surface. I'm often surprised by what can materialize. People, objects, letters, archetypes, creatures both mythological and unknown, it's as if the piece has a life of its own. In some cases it is my intention to leave the almost emergent forms latent, other times I allow them to have a voice. My process allows me to have a range of work that can be very representational/traditional to pieces that are more explorative and fantastical.



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