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Betsy Williams
Oil Paintings/Drawings;Stylized and Magical Realism.
Artwork inspired by enchanting qualities in nature.


 Betsy Williams has been making art for nearly 3 decades. Taking art seriously as early as elementary school, she has been given the title "Class Artist", won many contests...one of them being a prestigious " Gold Key" award given by Scholastic Art Awards Inc. ..Based on her high school portfolio she was given a generous scholarship to the Maine College of Art (M.E.C.A) where she recieved her B.F.A. in 2000.

 Continuing to expand her skills in the art field, Betsy worked as picture framer, a sign maker, and did commissioned portraits of people and homes. She also gained experience as an assistant art teacher for elementary and high school students, which eventually led to her own development of an after school art club working with inner city kids in Hartford ,CT. As busy as ever, she still managed to keep producing art and showing in areas of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

 In the summer of 2004 she left the fast pace of the East Coast looking for a place where she could work and live closer to nature. Not knowing where that may be, she set out on a "relocation tour"...4 months and 3,000 miles later her car broke down in the lost coast area of Northern California. A blessing in disguise led her to the community and landscape she had been searching for.She now works, makes art and does her framing at home, surrounded by the magical scenery of the Redwood region  drawing endless inspiration for her work.



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